This Year’s Top-Ranked Software Products

Joel Bruckenstein and I just released our 2022 T3/Inside Information Software Survey, which is available for you to download for free here. It ranks, by market share, the leading software solutions in advisory-firm tech stacks in 35 different categories (I'll bet you didn't realize that many even existed). It also offers the average user rating for every product and service. We also included market share and user ranking changes from last year and how many advisors are thinking about moving or switching to each product in ranked order.

Anybody looking for new solutions or for a replacement to an existing part of your tech stack should use the survey as a buyer's guide to the most popular options and the solutions with the highest satisfaction scores from their users. Looking over the 35 categories, you will find some attractive things to add to your advisory toolkit.

The data comes from a broad sample of the marketplace: 4,495 members of advisory firms across the spectrum. Reviewing the demographic information offers some valuable insights.