Selling versus Trust: The Elephant in the Room

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No one likes being sold and advisors don’t like selling. The selling/sold dynamic, as necessary as we think, makes everyone uncomfortable.

The moment you attempt to use any variation of traditional selling to attract and convert new prospects into paid clients, they sense immediately that you’re focusing on one thing: what you want (the sale) and not what they want (to solve their problem with someone they trust). This can take many forms, from how you come across on the phone (your tone of voice), what you write in your emails (the language that you use), to how you present yourself face-to-face or via Zoom.

Your potential clients can sense, from a distance, when you are attempting to chase them through your follow-up process.

They are extremely sensitive to sales behaviours that make them feel they are being pursued.

There are prospects with significant assets looking for a financial advisor they can trust.

Look at this picture of an iceberg: