Why the “Hard Sell” is Obsolete

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The last thing you want is to be labelled is as a stereotypical salesperson.

But when your prospects don’t give you enough information in your initial conversation, you begin educating them and fall into “free consulting” mode.

You’re a fiduciary. You have their best interest at heart, but they keep you at bay, shopping around, seeing other advisors.

Many advisors have potential clients who slip through their fingers because they believe their goal is to build a relationship pre-sale.

But that’s not your potential clients’ goal.

The burning question in their mind is not: “Is their knowledge impressive?”

It's: “Do we trust them?”

It’s a given that fiduciary advisors are competent.

Your competence is not how they decide to hire you.

What is?

Think about a doctor-patient relationship.

When you go see a doctor and you explain what hurts, they don’t educate you about the solution.