No Doctor Ever Heard the Words “Let Me Think About It”

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When a patient is told they have six months to live unless they get a safe, recommended treatment, they don’t tell their doctor, “Let me think about it.”

In fact, phrases like “let me think about it,” “better ask my wife,” “I’ll see what my husband says,” or “let me go away and digest that,” are words a doctor never hears.

But as a financial advisor, you hear that response so often from your potential clients that you accept it as a normal part of the sales process.

The initial conversation goes well, you present your solution, and they seem interested.

When you hear at the end, “let me think about it,” you tell yourself, “They’re just not ready to make a decision yet... but give ‘em time.”

The truth is they’ll never be ready... and no amount of information, education, or friendly following-up will change that.