What to Say When You Hear: “I Need to Speak to My Spouse First”

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You’re at the end of your initial conversation with a new prospect, and it feels like they’re going to move forward with you to the next step.

Then, suddenly you hear: “I need to talk to my spouse (or partner) first”.

You did everything by the book... you asked them questions about their situation, you qualified their level of assets, and it’s clear that they need help.

Shouldn’t that be enough for them to agree to work with you?

You’d think so, yet why are they hesitating to give you a “yes” or a “no”?

The underlying issue is you’re battling their subconscious fear displayed through indecisiveness.

Even though they recognize they have a problem, and they know you’re qualified to solve it, deep down they’re afraid to move forward on their own.