How a Great Medical Team Gives You Better Care

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We often think of successful people as individuals, but everyone from Ben Franklin to Steve Jobs has spoken about the value of surrounding yourself with a smart team. A talented, supportive team is especially important in the medical field because it improves patient outcomes.

When a patient is choosing a new doctor, they typically look at them as an individual. They consider the doctor's area of expertise, training, location, reputation, and the potential cost of a visit, but they may not give much thought to the doctor's colleagues and how well they work together. I encourage patients to broaden their perspective and consider the whole team.

In the ER, teams work together to provide great care

For many years, I ran hospital emergency departments in New York City, where I saw firsthand how a great medical team benefits patients. In addition to the ER staff, many healthcare practitioners from outside the ER added to the team, including respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and social workers.