You Can’t Time Gold, but Own it Anyway

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Will it ever be gold’s time to shine?

After breaching the historic $2,000 an ounce mark nearly two years ago, gold investors have largely been disappointed by the yellow metal’s performance.

And who can blame them? It was an ideal set up.

Central banks were printing money at an unprecedented pace. Governments were piling onto their mountains of national debt. And as COVID-19 ripped through the global population, it was unclear when a vaccine would be approved.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty and fiat currency destruction, gold price gains seemed all but certain.

Yet, gold has languished. And at a time when inflation is sky high!

Expect interest in gold to return. Like the early days of the COVID pandemic, there is plenty of uncertainty to spark such an interest. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed geopolitics to the forefront of investors’ concerns.