The Epidemic of Poor Follow Up

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Have you noticed the epidemic of poor follow up? Recently, I did a LinkedIn survey asking this question and 88% of respondents said ”yes.”

Think about how many times you’ve left a message for someone, and it took days or weeks to hear back from them, if you were lucky enough to hear from them at all. It happens not only in your business life but in your personal life, too.

You can’t escape it!

Your clients ignore your request for information, COIs act like your emails disappeared into thin air, prospects fall off the end of the earth, the person on FB who’s selling the pop-up camper you want goes dark and your cousin hides behind “sorry, we were busy.”

Seriously? Aren’t we all busy?

Are you guilty of poor follow up and part of the problem? Because it’s an epidemic, it’s likely that we all have been guilty of poor follow up a time or two. Sometimes we want to ignore the person in the hopes that they will just go away. Sometimes we are distracted by the bazillion shiny objects and pinging noises that surround us every moment of the day. Then there are other times when we simply forget to respond to someone. And remember the times you felt that person wasn’t a priority, so you intentionally dismissed them. Yep, it happens, but it never makes it right.