The Biggest Threat to Your Advisory Business

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Rarely is a book published that fundamentally changes the way you think. Running Remote, by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson, fit into this category.

It particularly resonated with me because I am within its target audience. I run a virtual marketing firm.

I also am an investor in a privately held company that sells products online. Almost all its employees work from home.

Both ventures will be implementing the recommendations of this book. We were already moving in this direction, but now we have validation and a structure.

The underlying premise

The premise of the book is that we are living in revolutionary times which are “nothing short of the biggest change to our lives since the advent of electricity.”

This revolution starts with remote work, but that’s just the beginning. The authors noted that remote work has been embraced broadly, including by companies who thrived in the traditional office environment, like Dropbox, Microsoft and Apple.