Marketing Strategies for the Introverted Financial Advisor

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Introverted financial advisors can stand out from the competition. Here are three marketing strategies to help you play to your strengths as an introvert.

The stereotypical advisor portrayed on TV and in the movies is a fast-talking, extroverted salesperson. But in my experience consulting with RIAs, many financial advisors are the opposite. They are quite introverted and prefer the work of financial advising over the selling and self-promoting aspects of the business.

But these more reserved advisors often struggle with marketing.

Introverted advisors don’t always see themselves as marketers because so many of the people held up as “good marketer” role models are extroverts. You know them. They constantly self-promote on social media and can be seen at every event, and you feel like they are literally everywhere.

If you are an introverted advisor, this type of marketing can be exhausting. You would rather spend your energy meeting with clients one-on-one or analyzing different financial strategies. You prefer to attract prospects because of your reputation for the good work you do for clients, not because of your sales and marketing skills. The last thing you want to do is to publicly and frequently put yourself out in the world.