The CFP Board is Confusing and Misleading Consumers

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The CFP Board has strayed from its mission of improving life for the consumer. Instead, it is generating as much confusion as possible for the furthering of its own interests. Make no mistake – transparency is not on its agenda. This is a massive disservice to the public.

Why the debate is important

My guests and I exposed the numerous pitfalls of the CFP Board in a recent podcast debate.

The debate participants were John “JR” Robinson, Scott Salaske, and Robert Wright. JR took a lead role in the debate; he has a 15-year history of exposing the CFP Board’s transgressions and has written numerous articles on this subject.

These podcasts are important to the profession because they open conversations that are central to the role of the financial planner: questions of ethics, governance, advocacy, transparency, and what it means to truly deliver the fiduciary standard.

We’ve debated these topics in depth in two podcasts. Please listen to the CFP Debate Part One and Part Two when you have a moment.