Preparing for Networking’s Grand Finale

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We will be celebrating with family in the next few months. We will gather with family, friends, colleagues and associates for traditional meals, office holiday parties, to ring in the new year and for a Super Bowl showdown. Networking’s grand finale will be epic this year as people gather once again like they did pre-COVID.

How will you leverage networking’s grand finale without being perceived as the friend or cousin who is desperate for business?

As a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of a book titled, The 29% Solution: 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies (now published in seven languages), I know a thing or two about strategic networking. I see opportunities this time of year to develop and nurture relationships, stay top of mind, proactively find referrals, educate people on how they can help you, show appreciation and plan for the coming year. I’ve known advisors who struggle with knowing how to mix business and social time. Their response is to avoid any conversation about business.

If you follow that practice, you’re missing huge opportunities to support others and yourself. You’re in the relationship business and relationships are personal. When gathered with friends, the conversation will turn to asking about business in some way. Focusing on others first will help you avoid that uncomfortable feeling.