The Highest ROI Activity for Advisors

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If you're content with your revenue, income, growth, service levels, team performance, operational efficiency, daily workload, time off and the way you feel, this article isn’t for you. This is for advisors who are ready to unleash their inner game-changer and generate the highest ROI in their practice to make 2023 their best year ever.

Let’s begin with a riddle. There are five frogs sitting on a lily pad. One decides to jump off. How many frogs are left on the lily pad? Chances are, your math skills led you to answer ”four.” But this isn’t a math question.

It’s a life problem.

The correct answer is five frogs. All five frogs are still sitting on the lily pad because, like most people, the frog decided – and probably made a great decision. But so far, it’s still stuck sitting on the lily pad.

Too many advisors are under-performing and, like the frog, sitting on the lily pad wishing for things to be better, while failing to take the leaps needed to make them do so.

And when firms do leap to make investments in technology and human talent, few implement those investments to realize anywhere near the ROI potential they represent. This under-performance isn’t due to a lack of desire; it’s due to a lack of clarity, action and accountability stemming from a poor strategy.

Most advisors – from lifestyle advisors to the leaders of larger firms – have failed to create their desired level of success because they fail to invest in the asset with the greatest return: themselves.