The Time to Define Insurance Advising is Now

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This article is based on a podcast I did with That Annuity Show.

“Verb sales” in retirement income, or in liability minimization, needs regulatory support immediately. By “verbs,” I mean selling services – such as financial planning – rather than “nouns” – such as investment products like annuities.

The reason why this is true starts with assertion #1 below.

Assertion #1: Non-codification of verb sales in the field of liability mitigation (insurance) means that intellectual property (IP) in this domain can’t have value.

Why do I believe this is true? Because assertions #2-4 below hold.

Assertion 2. The above-mentioned assertion (IP can’t have value in insurance) is true because of the intersection between how products sell and how trademark (as opposed to servicemark) law gets interpreted.

I will explain further below.

Assertion 3. IP’s potential to have value is fundamental to the functioning of a capitalistic economy.