How to Attract New Clients with Self-Developed Videos

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“Video marketing is important because it is an emotionally engaging and multi-sensory experience. And emotion is key to successful advertising.”

“The motion in video naturally captures short attention spans and makes people pause. They remember more of the content seen in videos than the content they only read or hear.”


Would you like to project your key marketing messages to many more prospective clients? Drive awareness of your brand both deeper and further than is occurring today? Win new clients and assets?

Try self-developed custom videos.

Having worked with video for more than three decades, I can attest to the accuracy of Adobe’s assertions. It is far easier to engage people and reach them at an emotional level with video than with any other medium.

Online videos have become the central component of content marketing strategy. As Adobe states,

They are no longer afterthoughts or product videos buried deep on a YouTube account, they are crucial pieces of multimedia marketing campaigns that attract potential customers and gain brand awareness.

Underused in the financial advisory profession, video provides an unexploited opportunity for advisors to reach more prospective customers. Fortunately, it has never been easier for advisors to break into video marketing. I’ll explain how developing custom marketing videos has become easy and cost effective.