Are You Ready to Embrace the Robot Overlords?

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Are you ready to embrace the robot overlords?

Okay – that’s not really what we’re talking about today.

I’m sure you’ve seen stories about ChatGPT, Jasper, DaVinci, and similar artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the media. These AI companies are promising easy access to untapped potential for automation, accessibility, and efficiency through their technologies. But many advisors are skeptical about the hype. And several industries are already having to adapt to the challenges these tools present. College professors must rethink their writing assignments now that students have free access to ChatGPT, with The Atlantic portending the death of the college essay. The software has even passed exams at a U.S. law school after crafting essays on topics including constitutional law, taxation, and torts.

AI is poised to change the trajectory of countless industries, but have you considered how it can help you grow your business? Leveraged properly, this technology can serve as a partner instead of an adversary.