Is Quiet Hiring the Answer to the Great Resignation?

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“Quiet hiring will create new avenues to snag in-demand talent.”

Gartner, Inc., 9 Future of Work Trends For 2023

In its workplace predictions for 2023, Gartner presented a new solution to snagging in-demand talent: quiet hiring.

In response to the great resignation (also known as the great reshuffling or the big quit), organizations are rewarding high-performing employees with raises and promotions while asking them to expand their roles – effectively upskilling staff while saving the company time and resources that would otherwise be needed to secure a new hire.

At least, that’s how it plays out an in ideal world.

Forbes, Fortune, and Multiplier are among those drawing attention to this trend, and they’re all asking the same question: Is quiet hiring the answer to the great resignation?

Let’s dive in.