How to Walk Away from a No-Fit Prospect

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Learning to walk away is the hardest part of selling, because we’ve been so conditioned to pursue anyone who we believe could benefit from our services.

That work ethic has been reinforced by the traditional sales mantras repeated in the advisory profession:

  • Never give up until you make the sale;
  • Persist until you overcome their objections;
  • If you’re committed, there’s always a way to make the sale;
  • If you don’t make it, you’re just not committed enough;
  • If they don’t want to buy from you, you haven’t tapped into their pain enough; and
  • Either you sell them on you, or they sell you on their objections.

The implicit message is: “Keep pushing them until they either say yes – or say no.”

Makes you want to take a cold shower after reading those, doesn’t it?!

Of course, you don’t follow any of those ideas anymore, because you know how they can break trust with your prospects – and how uncomfortable they make you feel.

Often times, though, advisors do feel a deep sense of guilt. They had a great conversation with a prospect, but chased them with no return communication, so were forced to walk away.