My Exclusive Interview with Chat GPT 4.0

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My firm has been early adopters of artificial intelligence. We use it to research topics and outline the content for blogs, optimize content for keywords required by SEO, generate videos promoting blogs, create meta-tags, create social media posts and create summaries of blogs that can be sent to clients and prospects.

We still write the content ourselves, but using artificial intelligence has greatly improved our efficiency and lowered the cost of our services.

We all use artificial intelligence differently.

I wanted to broaden my understanding to learn how investment advisors can use AI in their practices.

Naturally, I turned to Chat GPT 4.0, which is foundational to our artificial intelligence efforts, although we also use many additional AI resources.

I “interviewed” Chat GPT 4.0 and asked it questions you might find of interest. Then I asked it to suggest additional questions I should have asked.

What follows is a lightly edited transcript.

If you didn’t believe AI will significantly impact your business, this “interview” may change your mind.