The Keto Annuity and the Future of Financial Planning

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Keto diets are a proven regimen to reduce weight and foster a healthy lifestyle. The financial equivalent – the keto annuity – will drive successful outcomes for your female clients and build a stronger practice.

I learned firsthand of the power of a keto diet.

I gained 22 pounds over a period of 14 months following an accident sustained while playing basketball. I was running fast to the basket in a one-on-one match against a much better athlete… my 23-year-old daughter. Ava deflected the ball, I lost it in front of me, stepped on it, rose up, and then fell down hard with my right elbow taking the full impact of the hardwood floor. Voila! Elbow shattered and triceps muscle ruptured. An excellent surgeon at Mass General repaired the mess in December 2021.

Due to a months-long recovery, 2022 saw me mostly sidelined from my normal workout routine. This gave me plenty of time to spend on something I love, writing. Beginning in February of 2022, when Advisor Perspectives published The Trial of Ken Fisher for Crimes Against Annuities, I’ve written some 60 articles. Being relatively sedate for one-year (plus eating too much) caused the weight gain. I found myself eating late at night. It was difficult to break that cycle, but I eventually succeeded by trying the Keto diet. It worked, or, more accurately, is working, Still have about eight pounds to go.