Apple’s Vision Pro is the Vision of the Future

Vitaliy KatsenelsonAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

While I was watching Apple’s presentation, Meta’s Quest Pro (which I own for research purposes) suddenly started to remind me of Microsoft PCs – made by engineers for engineers, where the Vision Pro is created by humans for humans.

Two features of the product stand out. (I’d like to warn you that these are incomplete, somewhat random thoughts about Apple the company, not $AAPL the stock – they are related but different things.)

First, the Vision Pro is both virtual and augmented reality. It allows you to be totally engrossed in the virtual world (the VR part), but Apple went out of its way to also allow you to interact with the real world – people – while you have the headset on (the AR part). In other words, if I am wearing my headset and my wife comes into the room with a question, my virtual world can interface with the real world – I can see my wife and talk to her as I pause my movie or continue talking to her while working on my wall sized spreadsheet, virtually projected between my couch and coffee table.