Your Prospects Don’t Need to Like You to Hire You

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Most advisors approach their discovery meetings like it’s a blind date – they want to see if they will “get along” with their prospect (the old know-like-trust model of selling).

The hidden secret behind that approach is that they can like you and it can feel like a “good fit”, but they may not trust you – causing them to keep shopping around.

In a saturated and commoditized industry like the advisory profession, trust is the final differentiating factor that you can still control.

Your prospect does not need to like you to trust you.

Do you like your mechanic?

Do you like your doctor?

It’s nice if they’re likeable as people, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fix your car or your shoulder pain (which is all you care about).

In fact, being too nice often triggers doubt.

“Are they legit or are they just trying to sell me through their personality? Better speak to some other mechanics/doctors/advisors first, just to be on the safe side.”