Introvert-Friendly Marketing Tips for Advisors

Kristen LukeAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives

Successful marketing is not exclusive to extroverted advisors. When introverts leverage their unique strengths, they will find a different path to achieving success.

Marketing oneself might seem like a task cut out for extroverted individuals overflowing with energy and a love for networking. But as a hardcore introvert myself, I am here to debunk this myth and share with you a roadmap to marketing success that leverages the strengths of an introverted personality.

Embrace the introverted marketer within

I know the exhaustion that follows hours of meetings, the reluctance to be in the spotlight, and the preference for one-on-one interactions over networking events. Yet, despite not fitting the stereotypical marketer mold, I have managed to carve out a successful path in marketing, largely by focusing on strategies that play to my strengths as an introvert. In fact, I believe I am a good marketer because I don’t have the extroverted personality to bring in business based on my personality alone. I have to find ways to get people to want to work with me before they ever meet me.

Writing has been my introverted marketing tool of choice. I can take the time I need to perfect my message without the immediate pressure of live and face-to-face interactions. From blogging to guest posting, to authoring my own book, to crafting drip nurturing campaigns, I have been able to hide behind the power of words to reach my audience.

If you find yourself relating to my experiences, here are some marketing strategies that could work for you: