Lessons From a Lost Wedding Ring

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I always talk about how powerful social media is. Let me tell a story that proves it.

The story of the lost wedding ring

Even though I live in the hood, I take my kids to the doctor in the rich parts of the city. The other day, I was bringing my kids home from their annual physicals. They were scooting along, when suddenly my daughter says, “Mommy, look, it’s a diamond ring!” Thinking it was some plastic Disney trinket, I didn’t take it seriously.

Well, I was wrong.

Right there in the middle of the sidewalk was this beautifully shimmering white gold wedding band, studded with sparkling diamonds all around. I held the ring in my hand, thinking about what to do. Should I leave it there? What if the person came back and it wasn’t there? Should I give it to the police? The police have enough to do these days, and if it were my wedding ring, I wouldn’t want it in the hands of just anyone. Something told me that the ring was safe with me and that I should take it home and find its rightful owner myself.

Being a social media believer, I went home and posted to a few local neighborhood Facebook groups that I had found a nice ring in the area. If anyone lost one, they should contact me.

Well, I didn’t quite get the response I thought.