How to Follow Up with a Ghost

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The most challenging assignments I receive start with the advisor asking: “I had a great meeting with a prospect. Now I’m being ghosted. What should I do?”

How – and even whether – to follow up with a prospect ignoring you is a subject of spirited debate among advisors and consultants.

What is “ghosting”?

"Ghosting" occurs when a prospect abruptly ceases communication after an initial meeting or interaction. This behavior can be perplexing and frustrating, leaving advisors uncertain how to proceed.

Why does ghosting occur?

Ghosting is commonly associated with dating relationships. We can learn from the experience of those who thought they were in a promising relationship, and then found themselves “ghosted.”

It’s more frequent than you might believe. Some estimates say 60-70% of “emerging adults” have ghosted someone.

The reasons people choose to end relationships by ghosting vary. A common rationale, which may also apply to the advisor-prospect situation, is avoiding an unpleasant interaction.

It’s also possible the prospect isn’t ready to decide or is preoccupied with other matters, and getting back to you isn’t a priority.