Building and Engaging Your LinkedIn Network

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User engagement is up on LinkedIn. How can you capitalize on it? Here are six steps to cultivate a LinkedIn network.

With shifts in other social platforms, LinkedIn has recently seen a surge in user engagement1. While LinkedIn once seemed like little more than a resume and a Rolodex, that perception is changing. So, how can a financial advisor focused on a niche capitalize on this increase in engagement? Note: This article assumes you have basic knowledge of LinkedIn.

  1. Determine your purpose

Clarify your objective for using LinkedIn. Are you aiming to cultivate a network, or do you view the site as a direct marketing channel? Understanding the distinction is essential.

Building a network is about genuinely connecting with people, consistently adding value through the content you share on LinkedIn, and actively engaging with others by commenting on their posts. With this approach, there’s no immediate push to convert contacts into clients; instead, it’s about building a long-term reputation and goodwill.