How Visual Aids Grow Your Business

Kalli FedusenkoAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

Picture this: A client comes to you wondering if the market is the best place for their investments since it’s been struggling to recover. You’re going on minute five of why withdrawing funds is the worst move and why their retirement timeline is perfectly suited to riding out the lows.

Churchill himself never gave a more rousing speech!

Except their eyes are glazing over…

They’ve completely checked out.

You can’t help thinking that if you could just get it to click for them, those concepts would help their lives. Or maybe you’re hosting a series of webinars on Investing 101 to connect with prospects, but you haven’t been able to get much traction, much less business growth.

How do you get financial information to make sense to people who aren’t numbers-minded? How do you become the advisor who helps complicated things make sense without making people feel stupid or overwhelmed? And how do you use this to grow your business?

It turns out a picture is worth all those words for a reason, and it also might be worth quite a few prospects and referrals as well.