How to Not Lose a Prospect in Your First Meeting

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You’re coming to the end of your first meeting with a potential client. You’ve done a great job building rapport. They have clear issues you can help them solve. All is going well… until you explain your “next steps.” Suddenly, you feel their excitement about moving forward slightly drop. Still, they happily agree to the next step. Then they don’t show up for the next meeting (or don’t have their documents). You’re perplexed as to why they aren’t following through. What happened? This is the hidden “black hole” that most advisors completely miss. Plugging this subtle gap could mean the difference between an okay year and a great year. When you get to the end of your first meeting, it doesn’t matter how eloquently you explain how you work or what you do. In your mind, it’s crystal clear what needs to happen next to move them forward to becoming a paying client. In their mind, however, it’s a “black hole.” As you explain it to them, they nod their head in agreement. To you, it’s all quite simple. To them, it’s all quite complex. Why? Because through an auditory explanation, they can hear your process, but they can’t “see” it! They mentally shut down, and you lose their commitment. Translation: lost sale. It's subtle, but it’s powerful when you get this. Before your prospects are willing to pay you for anything, they need to see (not just hear) what it is they’re paying for.

You’re probably scratching your head right now, saying “How do you show someone expert financial advice?”

Here’s the breakthrough:

Create a visual tool that lays out your process in simple terms – and I mean simple, not a confusing flowchart or an overly designed marketing piece.

I call this a “road map”.

It’s a visual aid that gives your prospect mental structure, so they have complete clarity and peace-of-mind about working with you.

When your prospect starts asking about your next steps, show them your road map and walk them through it. They’ll form a visual connection to your process that increases their certainty that choosing you is the right choice.