Are You Fishing for Ideal Clients in the Sea or a Pond?

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When I think of online lead generation, I think of a fishing trawler out in the open sea.

A fishing trawler drags a large net in the general area where the crew thinks the fish are swimming, and it catches everything in its path.

After hauling the net back on deck, the captain is initially pleased with the size of the catch. However, as the crew sift through it for fish, it becomes clear the sizeable catch is made up of mostly minnows (and junk).

With online lead generation these days, it’s easy to haul in a large amount of leads in a short amount of time and think you’ve hit the jackpot. But as you try to convert them into paid clients, often over multiple sales conversations and meetings, it becomes apparent that you’re expending a lot of effort for very little return.

Of the hundreds of advisors I’ve coached and mentored to become Trusted Authorities in their space, solving this problem of low-value and unpredictable lead flow is their most important priority.

When you become a Trusted Authority, you don’t generate new ideal clients by dragging in any lead you can from the general market. You only generate them from leads curated from a highly niched pool of your most ideal clients.