Introducing Our Annual Global Outlook for 2014

In December, people take time to reflect on the past year and think about the next. Here at Russell Investments our year-end contemplation goes beyond planning an extra trip to the gym. Instead, we’ve put our best investment thinking and analysis into a single, year-end report: Annual Global Outlook for 2014.

Its theme can be summed up simply: “Validating the 2013 Rally.” As I noted in our blog a month ago, some markets this year have outperformed even the most glassy-eyed expectations. U.S. small-cap stocks, as reflected by the Russell 2000® Index, were up 40.6 percent for the 12-month period ending Nov. 8, 2013; international developed markets were up roughly 25.5 percent.[1] Impressive gains by anyone’s measure.

Now, as our Annual Global Outlook explains, maintaining that pace will be challenging as we navigate 2014. In our view, the coming year will see U.S. equity returns in the single digits, and even these results will be dependent on actual corporate profits for gains. Europe and Japan will likely continue to heal economically, while the memory of the financial crisis will justifiably temper some investors’ exuberance. Elsewhere in our analysis, we can expect continued headwinds for fixed-income investments.

Perhaps the most immediate issue will be U.S. Federal Reserve policy. The Fed’s past efforts to prime the economic pump and fight deflation have put a squeeze play on investors, forcing them to increasingly buy risk assets in order to approach the levels of return necessary to meet long-term outcomes. This process and the resulting pressure on investment portfolios likely will continue in 2014, with the added twist that the Fed also seems resolved to reduce its money-printing policies. So extra volatility is a good bet, given the market’s past hyperventilating at any talk of winding down quantitative easing (QE).

My cautious tone is symptomatic of realism, not pessimism – we simply believe 2014 will be a time during which investors must carefully manage risks through the year while focusing more precisely on key investment exposures to generate returns. The Annual Global Outlook explains this view: When risk is taken and understood in a disciplined way, it may be used to help yield results that ultimately support investors’ outcomes. We believe portfolios can and should be dynamically tilted to take into account business cycles, risk premiums, technical aspects of investing as well as fundamentals, investor psychology, and value opportunities. We also believe current conditions are particularly well-suited for this sort of holistic, multi-asset discipline.

So kindly take some time to review the Outlook report. If any of our investor and advisor friends are making resolutions for the New Year, we believe this piece should be on their reading list.

[1] Russell Developed ex-U.S. Index, for the 12-month period ending November 8, 2013.


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