Borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul

As credit markets continue to tighten, companies that have used financial engineering to boost earnings per share (EPS) may be particularly hard hit. As shown, since the end of the Great Recession, management teams increasingly turned to debt as they aggressively bought back company stock. The move allowed CEOs to boost results even when sales were flat by reducing the number of shares that have a claim on each dollar of revenue.

With rates moving higher and signs emerging that investors are souring on leveraged balance sheets, the shortcut to EPS growth may be turning into a dead end. Year-to-date*, businesses in the Russell 3000® Index with the most debt have lagged the broader benchmark and have been among the worst performers.

If this trend continues, we believe businesses with low or no debt that have the ability to improve earnings through sales growth will be poised to outperform in the coming quarters.


*As of 2/29/2016

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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