If You Could Ask the New Administration for One Thing…

Investors have been bidding up stocks in anticipation of policy shifts by the new administration. Russ discusses the policy that matters most to investors.

There is always uncertainty when a new administration takes office; this time more than most. Investors are faced with an unconventional candidate having won an improbable victory while promising an ambitious and somewhat fluid agenda. In addition, there is significant philosophical and policy space between the incoming administration and the more traditional wings of the Republican leadership in Congress.

All of this should lead to heightened uncertainty for investors, which, for now, they are ignoring as they bid stocks higher. The S&P 500 has rallied roughly 8% from the early November bottom. Value and small cap stocks have done even better, advancing 10% and 18%, respectively.

Although the rally can be partly explained by improving economic data, much of what investors are reacting to could be considered anticipatory. The market is looking forward to a combination of corporate tax cuts, a reduction in individual tax rates, fiscal stimulus and deregulation. But this is a lot, probably more than any administration can realistically achieve in one year.

Given these realities, what are the particular reforms that are likely to matter most for equity markets? From my perspective I would put corporate tax reform at the top of the market’s wish list. Here’s why:

1. Fiscal stimulus is probably going to be too small and protracted to have much impact.

Deficit hawks in Congress will want to keep any infrastructure spend modest. Practical realities dictate that any spending will also be lagged in its implementation and spread out over time. This will diminish the market impact outside of particular sectors and companies.