Weighing the Week Ahead: Stalemate?

The economic calendar has plenty of important data. Fed speakers will be on the circuit. There is plenty of political and geopolitical news. On all of these fronts we see a stalemate.

(Learn more about stalemate tricks from Grandmaster and PhD mathematician Karsten Müller)

The financial punditry will ask:

What does political stalemate mean for financial markets?

Last Week Recap

The President “marveled” at how one of his tweets seemed to move the stock market! (Business Insider).

Paul Schatz (Heritage Capital) writes:

After 30 years in the business, I keep saying that few things surprise me anymore, but I have to say that watching traders and market participants glued to Twitter for any sign of tariff walk back by the president is certainly a first for me. I can’t imagine what the great investors of yesteryear are thinking as they down on us from up above. Are the masses really hanging on every tweet from the leader of the free world? Apparently so.

Mike Williams (TruVestments) captures the action.

The tweets hit a vacuum of other news, and we can see the effect in our one-chart story.