Whose Year-Ahead Vision is 20/20?

The economic calendar is especially important. Several housing reports, JOLTs, and the final estimate for Q3 GDP lead the list. Despite this, I suspect a powerful draw from the Gregorian calendar. It is time for those annual forecasts! You will see many of them, so the right question is:

Whose vision of the year ahead is 20/20?

I’ll consider a typical range of ideas and offer some comment on each.

Last Week Recap

In my last installment of WTWA, I provided a gift for readers – the gift of time. Many seemed to appreciate the list of things to ignore. Knowing where to focus your attention is one of the biggest challenges for investors. I considered some factors behind the continuing market rally. For comparison, readers might appreciate The Unending Artificial Boom, a response to the devotees of Austrian economics.

The Story in One Chart

I always start my personal review of the week by looking at a great chart. This week I am featuring the version from Jill Mislinski who combines a lot of important data into a single, readable chart.

The market gained 0.7% for the week. The trading range was only 1.4%. You can monitor volatility, implied volatility, and historical comparisons in my weekly Indicator Snapshot in the Quant Corner below.