The Vanna White Recovery

Listening to economists and the financial media forecast the road to economic recovery has begun to sound a little like a game of Wheel of Fortune. Depending on the day and the latest datapoint, viewers can expect to hear an alphabet soup of economic trajectories--V, U, W are the most common. A few prognosticators have even begun to throw in symbols such as check marks or square root signs to make their points.

The truth is the forecasts that fit with the letters are simply educated guesses and do little to inform investors on how businesses in the same industry may fare against their peers going forward.

We’re taking a more granular approach and focusing on the long-term health and earnings prospects of businesses. The torrent of stimulus unleashed by the U.S. government has eased some of the damage brought on by the nationwide shutdown, but it has also kept afloat many zombie companies that were on the verge of foundering before the pandemic emerged. As the chart below shows, those debt-laden businesses are likely to find it even harder to generate earnings as they labor under even greater debt payments.


Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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Definitions: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period, though GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis.

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