Will Strong Earnings Confirm an Economic Rebound?

We have a light economic calendar with a focus on housing. There are continuing political and pandemic stories that could dominate the news cycle at any time. For those focused on financial markets, earnings season might provide answers to important questions. We will all be asking:

Will earnings signal a strong economic rebound?

Last Week Summary

In my last installment of WTWA, I asked whether the President’s COVID diagnosis should cause investors to change course. There were some reader complaints that this topic was “political.” As always, I tried to explain that political events determine policies which affect our investments, but the distinction seems to elude those who disagree with the conclusions. It is my mission to highlight everything important for investors, even if the subject is awkward.

Most agreed with me since it was a popular topic in the financial media.

Key Charts

I always start my personal review of the week by looking at some great charts. This provides a foundation for considering news and events. Whether or not we agree with Mr. Market, it is wise to know his current mood.

Market Story

This week I am featuring Investing.com’s futures chart. I like this version since it provides a glimpse of overnight action. If you visit the site, you can see the news behind the indicators.

Sector Trends

Sector movement is another important clue to market trends.