A Constitutional Crisis in the Making?

"Tyv tror hver mand stjæler. (The thief thinks everybody steals.)"
Danish Proverb

Why I am about to break an earlier promise

Some years ago I said that I would never write about politics again as, every time I did so, I received the most incredible hate emails from readers – everything from “you don’t know what you are talking about” to “I hope you and your company goes belly up as you don’t deserve any better”. I asked myself – what’s the point of writing about things that will upset half my readers every time I do it? I have stuck to that principle ever since, even if it has been difficult at times, but a situation is now unfolding that I simply cannot ignore, and it is about the US presidential election on the 3rd November.

Before I go any further, allow me to make one thing very clear. What is about to come is not because I have an axe to grind, but because I care deeply for this country. I spent about 16 years working for US companies, I lived in New York for a while, and I have since been back more than 50 times. I know the country better than most Europeans and, until recently, I loved every bit of it.

Under normal circumstances, as a non-US citizen, I wouldn’t care too much who is in power. By heart, I am closer to the Democrats, but I know some fine Republicans who have done a great job for the common good over there. Having said that, it pains me to see how polarised the country has become and, if not addressed soon, it could have fatal consequences. Here in Europe, Trump (deservedly) gets most of the blame for the polarisation, but the Democratic leadership must accept some responsibility too. It takes two to fight, and the rhetoric coming out of the blue corner is not always as constructive as it should be, to put it as mildly as I possibly can.

We need a level-headed leader now who can re-unite an increasingly polarised nation. Four more years with Trump, and I sincerely fear for the survival of the US Constitution, which would be horrific for everybody in the free world. Why do you think Putin openly supports Trump? And why do you think Xi Jinping’s reactions to Trump’s various attacks on China have been rather muted? Because both Russia and China have a strong interest in a weaker USA, and they know four more years with Trump at the helm will deliver that.