China's Crackdown on Bitcoin Mining Is Good News for North American Crypto Miners

Bitcoin erased its 2021 gains this week as China ramped up its crackdown on mining of the cryptocurrency, a move that’s expected to help shift the industry’s center of gravity from Asia to North America.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price formed a death cross on Monday, with the 50-day moving average trading below the 200-day moving average (MA). This technical pattern is often seen as a bearish sign of things to come, but that may not be the case with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin death crosses have not historically been consistent downside price predictors. Take a look at the chart below, shared in a Tuesday tweet by CoinShares. The digital asset investing firm analyzed Bitcoin’s price action one, three, six and 12 months following previous death crosses, and no pattern emerged suggesting that a sustained bear market was triggered when the 50-day MA dipped below the 200-day.

Bitcoin Death Cross
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If anything, the chart shows that your chances of being rewarded improved the longer you held. A death cross occurred in March 2020, and had you held for a year, you could have seen returns as high as 450%, according to CoinShares.