What the Pandemic Has Taught Me

Everything changed for me, my family and everyone I know on a Friday the 13th. My sons had just arrived from school and explained to me and my wife that the teachers had told them their spring break might be a little longer than usual. They were excited. We all needed a vacation, so a two-week spring break sounded good. Little did I know that I would not have another face-to-face meeting for more than a year …

Fast forward to today. Slowly but surely everything is getting back to normal, as the COVID-19 pandemic is being brought under control. I am very happy about that, but I will not be going back to business as usual.

I made a promise to myself during that period when we were all essentially confined to our homes, that when I returned to seeing clients, I was not going to do the same stuff as before the pandemic. When I speak to financial advisors, they feel the same way. I want to share some insights from my 430+ days working from home that I think every advisor needs to keep in mind during the great reopening.

Have a process

The advisors who thrived in 2020 were the ones who had a process. What do I mean by that? They had a morning ritual. They set up their day. They were intentional about what they did and not just reactive. The best advisors know what activities are most important to their business and prioritize them. Do you as an advisor take 10 minutes every morning to figure out what you are going to do for the day? Think about it. If you took just 10% of your workday or roughly 4.8 minutes and planned your next moves, what would change?

If you struggle with this kind of planning, there are many great tools available. I personally use the "Daily Manifest" by Jack Butcher, but I am sure you can find others with a quick search on the internet. If you are struggling to identify which activities you need to be doing, may I recommend “The Index Card Business Plan” by Brian Margolis. You can also reach out to someone at Russell Investments and we can help you with planning your day and discussing what activities elite advisors spend their time doing.