Partner Perspectives: Markets at Mid-Year 2021

The world is reopening – are your clients’ portfolios positioned for this future? Inflation fears top the list of investor concerns, but that’s not the only key issue. Our semi-annual Partner Perspectives: Markets at Mid-Year outlook provides insights and analysis into potential market-movers to help you and your clients prepare for the rest of 2021.

Eleven experienced portfolio teams at our independent affiliates discuss a wide range of potential opportunities and headwinds in the months ahead. Topics include:

  • The inflation hedge that’s poised for accelerated growth.
  • Why the Fed may be in the late stage of a high-stakes game of monetary Jenga.
  • How COVID-19 transformed some areas of healthcare.
  • The kind of small-cap opportunities that are positioned to rise – and the kind that may be headed for a reckoning.
  • For international investors, emerging or developed?

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