Weekly Investment Strategy

Review the latest Weekly Headings by CIO Larry Adam.

Key Takeaways

  • Core inflation may have reached its peak
  • Job & wage gains may counteract pricing pressures
  • Earnings environment will normalize this year

Play ball! Opening Day is a day of optimism for baseball fans across the country. The crowds return to the stadiums to enjoy America’s pastime knowing every team is starting with a fresh record and renewed hopes of contending for a championship. With the excitement of what’s ahead, the losses from the prior season become a distant memory. Contrary to this mindset, many investors entered this year with the expectation that the successes of last year would carry into 2022. Instead, geopolitical hotspots came out of ‘left field’ and the start of Fed tightening to combat soaring inflation rattled the financial markets. With next week the ‘big leagues’ in terms of potential market moving events, we are ‘covering all of the bases’ of what will be released and our expectations moving forward.