Stock Market Metaverse

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Dear fellow investors,

Virtual reality is not reality! We have just come through an era where virtual reality controlled stocks and bonds. For this reason, a series of unreal factors drove what we call the stock market metaverse.

What are the main realities of common stocks?

  1. The stock market is designed to move money from impatient people to patient people.
  2. Most people who engage in the stock market suffer stock market failure. Competitive endeavors are not created for everyone to win.
  3. Financial euphoria episodes are normal. These episodes destroy the faith in common stocks of a generation of investors when they break.
  4. Man cannot live on phishing among stocks with high price to earnings (P/E) and high price to sales (P/S) ratios.
  5. Interest rates serve as a gravitational pull in stocks. Higher rates drive lower P/E ratios and lower rates drive higher P/E ratios.

The years 2015-2020 were a stock market metaverse because it was virtual reality. In virtual reality, here is what the stock market did:

  1. The stock market moved money to impatient people.
  2. Most people who engaged in the stock market succeeded.
  3. Financial euphoria was perpetuated and prolonged by the massive liquidity created by the U.S. government and other foreign governments.
  4. Aggressive investors were phishing for high P/E and high P/S stocks, and the more risk people took, the better they did.
  5. Interest rates were near zero and lured investors into over-capitalizing stocks and bonds. This was especially true of futuristic/tech stocks.

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