5 Dividend Paying Bargains In The Industrial Sector

5 Dividend Paying Stocks

dividend paying stocks
5 dividend paying stocks portfolio

This video reviews 5 investment grade dividend paying growth stocks that appear attractively valued in the industrial sector. These are 5 research candidates that are offered for potential investment as total return opportunities. Although each pays a dividend, the primary potential for investing in these dividend paying stocks is total return.

Furthermore, I believe these candidates offer insights into the essence of value investing. At its core, value investing is all about participating fully in the operating performance of the company under scrutiny. The central idea is that prudent investors are generally seeking to invest in companies that they admire and that they believe are going to be good opportunities for growth. Therefore, prudent investors also realize that if you overpay to invest in these quality businesses, you ruined their ability to reward you adequately. Value investors do not chase price, intelligent value investors look for great companies that can perform to their benefit over the long run.