Here’s How Advisors Can Help Make Dreams Come True

This fall was a memorable time in the Halverson household. Our eldest, Colin, left for college and we tried not to get too emotional. We all know that is easier said than done. I was nervous about him going, but I’m also proud of him and to a smaller extent me and my wife. Colin came into our lives 16 years ago and we have never been the same. Thankfully we have been saving for his college education since that day. In those 16 years there have been up markets and down markets, but in the end it all worked out.

What I have learned from this process is that the reason we invest is not to beat benchmarks; we invest to make dreams come true. Seeing Colin go to college was one of my biggest dreams. So what can advisors do to make clients think more about their dreams and not benchmarks? Let’s look at what DREAMS are made of … (hat tip to Van Halen)

Develop a plan

Reinforce the plan annually

Elect the right investments

Adjust if necessary

Memorialize along the way

Seize the moment

Develop a plan

The older I get, the more I believe the most important thing advisors can do for their clients is create a solid financial plan. The investments you select should just be what you use to implement the plan. Very few clients understand the differences between investment solutions. Once there is a solid plan in place the whole relationship with the client becomes deeper. Remember, the investment providers you choose are just the tools you are using to implement the plan. If you are wondering how you start to put a great plan together—we can help. We have a set of discovery cards you can use to figure out which dreams are important to your clients.