Rare Opportunity To Earn Monthly Dividend Income At A Reasonable Price

Realty Income (O) – Monthly Dividend

Realty Income A.K.A. the Monthly Dividend Company has rarely been attractively valued since the spring of 2010. However, rising interest rates have brought the price down to fair value. Consequently, this monthly dividend payer can be purchased with a 5.15% dividend yield and the 6.83% funds from operations or cash flow yield.

Dividend Income
Realty Income (O) – Dividend Income

The real attraction here for Realty Income is the consistent, above average, dividend that has grown since the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994. Although rising interest rates provide a challenge, I believe Realty Income (O) is up to the task. Growth may slow a bit, but the fair valuation opportunity is too good and rare for income investors to pass up. If we do enter a recession, the price could drop lower temporarily. However, in the long run I believe Realty Income offers peace of mind, a steady level of income and modest capital appreciation.

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