Know Where You Want to Be: How a Skilled OCIO Provider Can Help Investors Navigate Opportunities and Threats

Executive summary:

  • Working with a skilled OCIO provider can help you position your portfolio to benefit from investment opportunities and avoid uncompensated risks.
  • We believe that best-in-breed OCIO provider will always keep their tactical views anchored to their strategic beliefs.
  • At Russell Investments, our tactical views are informed by a cycle, valuation, and sentiment framework.

Market dynamics shift every day, driven by cycles of greed and fear, presenting opportunities tempered by hidden risks. In hindsight, it seems easy to see what investment trends succeeded and what themes were nothing but a flash in the pan. Does your current OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer) position your portfolio to benefit from investment opportunities? Do they have a process for adjusting the portfolio away as uncompensated risks rise? To survive the journey in a rapidly changing world, having a clear view of where you want the portfolio to be positioned is critical for long-term portfolio success.