International Style

Key takeaways

  • Factor investing has been broadly accepted in the US. Investors may also want to consider factors in their international allocations.
  • Adding international factor exposure may help improve returns, reduce portfolio volatility, and provide further diversification in portfolios.
  • Factors are persistent over time, and pervasive across markets – including internationally.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and live across the globe. I was born in Malaysia, before my family migrated to Perth, Australia. I was a foreign exchange student in high school in Canada. After completing university in Sydney, I moved to the US where I spent the formative years of my career. I earned my Ph.D. at Stanford and then worked as a business school professor at Colombia University. During my time as an academic, I was fortunate to work with many institutions around the world, including 10 years as an advisor to the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund. I joined BlackRock as an investor in the New York office in 2015. The one constant, across geographies and jobs, was a focus on factors.