Complex, Significant Wealth Warrants Elevated Support

Managing substantial wealth often requires specialized capabilities and expertise.

When it comes to the management of significant wealth, quality recommendations beat quantity. For families with sizeable portfolios, having access to sophisticated investment options, coordination between other professional services and even discussions about building a philanthropic legacy all require a suite of elevated services that you may not have considered inquiring about.

Browse the list below to explore some of the ways your advisor may be able to assist.

1. Curated investment access

Affluent individuals and families have unique needs and the potential to assume more risk than the average investor. With the help of an advisor specializing in complex portfolios, you may have access to a variety of products and investments tailored to your more elevated aspirations and risk tolerance.

Imagine your advisor as your very own private chef. Before you make any decisions, your chef can offer a “tasting menu” of curated investment options that go beyond the main index funds – private market opportunities or alternative investments that might be too specialized for most, for example. In other words, options that may not be right for everyone’s palate, but are crafted to suit yours.

Conversations of this nature not only open your portfolio to new opportunities but also alert your advisor to seek institutional access or investments that individual investors wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. These may come in the form of hedge funds, real estate, private equity, select private placements, and more.