Future of Finance: 5 Hard Truths About How AI Impacts the Real World

Tired of the AI hype yet? It’s OK, I understand. I’m tired of it too. The pace of human progress — and our insatiable need to be entertained by the shock of the new — seems to be forevermore in the “hockey stick” part of the growth curve. But it’s important to remember that where you see smoke, almost always something is smoldering under the surface, even if it isn’t yet fire. So let’s separate AI fact from fiction. Here’s what I believe to be true about how AI impacts the real world, right now.

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Truth #1: AI use cases are incredibly powerful.

It’s easy to be distracted by all the silly stories of dumb lawyers trying to use ChatGPT like Lexis/Nexis. The real power of ChatGPT in particular is its ability to summarize, compare and contrast bodies of text.

Want a 500-word summary of the European AI Act? Easy. That’s available in GPT4 or Google’s Bard right now, with verifiable sourcing, thanks to both platforms being tied to the actual live internet.

On our webinar, Adam will walk through the development work Resolve has undertaken to leverage the existing, live tools and completely reimagine how an asset manager can connect to their own body of work. He’ll step through applications ranging from compliance documents to performance reporting; from podcast summaries to blog posts.