VettaFi’s Artificial Intelligence Symposium Recap

On August 30, 2023, VettaFi hosted an Artificial Intelligence Symposium which had an extraordinary turnout, with over 1,200 advisors registered for the event. The symposium was a huge success and included some of the top firms in the industry. These firms offered their insights into several different AI-related topics. Below, readers can find a summary of each of the sessions covered and links to additional coverage from those sessions. To view the playback of the AI Symposium, register for the on-demand replay.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Investment Management​

In the first panel of the symposium moderators Tom Lydon and Todd Rosenbluth spoke with VettaFi’s financial futurist Dave Nadig about his thoughts on where we are in the hype cycle with artificial intelligence. Nadig believes we are still learning about the capabilities of artificial intelligence. However, he ultimately thinks that it will make a significant impact in several different industries long term.

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Investing in Tomorrow’s Best AI Companies​

In the second session Jay Jacobs, U.S. Head of Thematics & Active Equity ETFs of BlackRock, and Pedro Palandrani, VP, Director of Research of Global X ETFs, analyzed the artificial intelligence industry and the different ways their firms are investing in it. When looking to the future, Jacobs believes that AI is here to stay. Palandrani believes that companies that incorporate AI into their offerings in the next ten years have the opportunity to be quite successful. He also mentions that those who don’t may eventually vanish altogether. 

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How Today’s Biggest Companies Are Using AI to Improve Profitability​

Srineel Jalagani, the Senior Director of Strategy Indices of S&P Dow Jones, and Matt Bartolini, Managing Director and head of SPDR Americas Research of SPDR ETFs, participated in the event by exploring several unique AI-related topics. Jalagani spotlighted how advantageous AI has been in his firm’s day-to-day work. Bartolini highlighted several companies outside of NVIDIA or Microsoft that his firm is looking at when investing in AI. 

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AI-Driven Investment Strategies​

Ryan Pannell, CEO & Chair of Kaiju, and Francis Oh, CEO of Qraft Technologies, discussed how they use artificial intelligence within their products to invest. The session highlights the fact that firms like Qraft Technologies and Kaiju are using AI to rid of human bias in investing. 

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Technology and the Role of Artificial Intelligence in an Active ETF

During the event, Robert Zeuthen of BNY Melon and Ivana Develska, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Spear Invest, covered the role active ETFs are playing during this year’s AI craze. In addition, the pair go in-depth into their fund’s game plan when investing in AI. They also discuss the different companies they invest in within the space. 

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